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Eminent economists to prioritise best policies for Ghana’s future

The Ghana Priorities Eminent Panel Conference was opened in Accra, as reported by multiple news outlets such as Ghana News Agency, Starr FM, Daily Mail, and GhanaWeb. 

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Costs of moderate COVID-19 lockdown vastly exceed the benefits

In this special report on the effects of a hypothetical moderate lockdown, a reduction in the COVID-19 death toll is weighed against the resulting increase in malnutrition, less health outreach, lost education, lost production, and lost livelihoods.

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For Cleaner and Healthier Rural Communities

Clean and healthy communities require proper sanitation, but one in every three people in the world still lacks access to a dignified sanitation service.

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Equal Access to Health Care

Ghanaians’ health issues have shifted over time, from infectious diseases and maternal and child health problems to ever more non-communicable diseases. 

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Cost-Effective Strategies to Reduce Flooding

Over the past decades, the Accra Metropolitan Area has witnessed major development, but this growth has given rise to risks of its own.

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Industrial Transformations for Growth and Development

Even with Ghana’s impressive economic growth in recent times, the country’s industries still lag behind the services sector in its contribution to both GDP and employment.

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Land Title Reform for Increased Investment, Security and Development

The formalization of land rights through titling has positive implications for investments, land productivity, and socioeconomic development in general. 

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Skilled Youths for Improved Employment

A third of Ghana’s population is between the ages of 15 and 34, but the country struggles to offer employment for its youth.

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Improved Access to Free Senior High School

Healthy mothers and children are the foundation of a thriving nation and the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most critical for their future health.

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Hypertension – Ghana’s Disease of the Future?

Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes are particularly on the rise in Ghana, and one of the largest risk factors for complications such as stroke and coronary heart disease is high blood pressure.

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Investments in Mental Health for Far-Reaching Benefits

Mental health problems are a major contributor to the disease burden across the world and in Ghana. 

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Ghana Priorities

The Ghanaian economy has been growing swiftly, with remarkable GDP growth higher than five per cent for two years running. This robust growth means added pressure from special interest groups who demand more public spending on certain projects.

But like every country, Ghana lacks the money to do everything that citizens would like. It has to prioritise between many worthy opportunities. 

What if economic science and data could cut through the noise from interest groups, and help the allocation of additional money, to improve the budgeting process and ensure that each cedi can do even more for Ghana? With limited resources and time, it is crucial that focus is informed by what will do the most good for each cedi spent.

The Ghana Priorities project will work with stakeholders across the country to find, analyze, rank and disseminate the best solutions for the country.

We will engage people and institutions from all parts of society, through newspapers, radio, and TV, along with NGOs, decision makers, sector experts, and businesses to propose the most relevant solutions to these challenges. We will commission some of the best economists in Ghana and around the world to calculate the social, environmental and economic costs and benefits of these proposals, producing groundbreaking new research which will not only highlight smart policies in each specific area but would produce a menu of spending options.
We will then ask everyone - from Nobel Laureates to everyday citizens - to set their priorities for the country, sparking a nationwide conversation about what are the most effective and efficient solutions are for Ghana.

In Ghana’s 2019 budget, spending was increased by 27 per cent or GH¢15.6bn. Imagine if just two per cent of this increase would have been spent more effectively because of the Ghana Priorities research.

In a hurry? Download our one-page project overview. 

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The Research

Ghana Priorities research explores the smartest solutions to help Ghana, covering themes from poverty and health to education, infrastructure, and gender equality.

Starting in March 2020 we will begin publishing this ground-breaking research

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Policy Interventions for Benefit-Cost Research

The Ghana Priorities Reference Group consisting of experts from the public sector, private sector, civil society organizations, academia, the media, and identifiable groups, reviewed the list 400+ interventions and selected top and secondary priorities for further research.

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Policy Validation Seminar

The Copenhagen Consensus Centre in collaboration with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) and the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), conducted a Policy Validation Seminar for the Ghana Priorities Project on 27 of June 2019. 

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