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Sector Expert Consultations

From June to October 2017, India Consensus will be hosting almost 15-20 key sector expert consultations along with hundreds of meetings and pre-consultations across Rajasthan. The purpose of the sector expert consultations is to introduce policy makers and decision makers in Rajasthan to the India Consensus, the Rajasthan Priorities project, and to describe the kinds of outcomes and how these can be used in prioritizing policies. The sector expert consultations also provide the first chance for participants to give their views and input on what are the key issues facing Rajasthan at this moment in time, and what are some of the solutions which they believe are important to the state and are worthwhile researching.

The sector expert consultations is an opportunity to learn about how the project will take place over the upcoming months, and how to engage with it during this period. In the series of sector expert consultations, we expect to cover all priority sectors of Rajasthan. 

These discussions are expected to address a wide range of policy areas, from education, health, and governance to trade, infrastructure development, and energy policy interventions specifically in the Rajasthan context. These major interventions would be further researched to help establish cost benefit analysis along with review of existing literature, using data and planning documents, together with sector expert input and broad stakeholder engagement,

The audience for sector expert consultations includes policy makers and decision makers with responsibility for planning, budgeting and prioritizing across different sectors and fields. Participants are likely to be from state government, think tanks, international agencies, philanthropists, business, academia and the media.

Continue to check back for more information on upcoming sector expert consultations.