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If you were the richest man of the world how would you solve the world's problem? Participate in the event and give your prioritization....

Every year the UN, NGOs, and governments spend billions on improving the living conditions for people all over the world. Unfortunately, with the amount of money available, it is not possible to solve all problems, which is why the decisions on how to spend the money should be based on knowledge and facts in order to spend it where it would do the most good.

Copenhagen Consensus invited 25 economists to produce scientific papers on 25 of the world's biggest challenges. 8 of these economists presented their problem papers at the event “Bill Gates for a day” in 2007, and made their recommendations on how to solve 8 of the problems. 

Prioritize like politicians and organizations 
At “Bill Gates for a day” participants had the possibility of spending their own “Bill Gates fortune”, by proposing suggestions on how the world's biggest problems should be solved.

The "Bill Gates for a day" is sponsored by Tuborgfondet.