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The Case for Building Roads in Haiti

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The challenges of poor road infrastructure are well known to Haitians. Roads degrade faster than they are rehabilitated or built. The inadequacy of the road network, combined with the pitiful state of roads and transport vehicles, means a large part of the rural population is isolated.

Research highlighting the benefits can help to build the case for greater investment from donors.

Economist Amien Sauveur from the Ministère de la Planification et de la Coopération Externe has researched responses to the road infrastructure deficit. His new research paper, released today by Haiti Priorise, builds the case for investment in two specific projects, the Gonaïves-Port-de-Paix road section and a bridge over les Anglais, linking the department of the South and that of the Grand'Anse.

Bjorn Lomborg discusses the research in the Huffington post. Lire l'article en français au Le Nouvelliste.