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A Menu of Options to Improve Public Services in Haiti

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Despite many proposals to make the public sector more effective, there are many delays caused by red tape.

Four new research papers by Haiti Priorise examine various ways to improve public services:

  • Economist Riphard Serent from Quisqueya University and Center for International and Diplomatic Studies focuses on ways to raise public sector performance by paying public servants more across-the-board, or introducing performance-based pay.
  • Economist-Planner Dr. Bertrand Joseph from Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation studies what could be achieved through digitization of land registration.
  • Department head at the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, Yvrose Guerrier, examines using computer technology to streamline operations at Cap-Haitien Port
  • Director of Studies and Programming at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Romy Reggiani Theodat, looks at government procurement and examines the introduction of a clause into public tenders that stipulates that any international business must subcontract 20% of its contract to Haitian businesses.

Bjorn Lomborg discusses the research in the Huffington post. Lire l'article en français au Le Nouvelliste.