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Powering Haiti’s Future

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Electricity reaches less than one-quarter of Haiti. This is an obstacle to economic and social development. Many people take electricity without paying for it, severely affecting the income of the EDH and leaving it unable to fund infrastructure improvements. Big obstacles to the development of the electricity sector in Haiti include the weakness of institutions, systems, and poverty. Bjorn Lomborg dicusses the research for Haiti Priorise which examines electricity transmission.

The Haitian electricity market comprises five isolated areas. Apart from in Port-au-Prince, these are powered by small generators. Electricity production in large cities is largely provided by independent producers, who enjoy monopolies without competition.

Energy is just one topic being studied in the research project Haiti Priorise. Competing challenges to the economy, education and health all vie for attention and resources. Which should be prioritized first for additional funds? We have worked with Haitian and international economists.

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