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Top Ideas for Education

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In March 2016, Haiti Priorise held its third sector expert roundtable to discuss the best solutions to improve education in Haiti. Roundtable participants were asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this sector and propose actions they think should be a priority to address some of the principal challenges facing education in Haiti. 

The most notable ideas with regard to education focused on: improving teaching strategies for reading, math and writing; providing vocational training in relation to demands from each sector; changing the language of instruction in elementary school to creole; providing psycho-social support to students; and peer-to-peer training programs for teachers and administrators.

Proposed Ideas

Roundtable Attendees

Prominent participants included Jean-Wilnor Pierre, Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale et de la Fomation Professionnelle ; Florence Délimon Théramène, Centre Suzanne-Comhaire Sylvain pour l'Education – CSCSE ; Enance Saint-Fleur, Université Publique Nord au Cap-Haitien ; Ghyslaine Rochelin, Haïti Futur ; Anne Sofie W. Olsen, Inter-American Development Bank ; Aly Acacia, Forum Économique Secteur Privé ; Michaëlle Saint-Natus, HaïtiTec ; and Regine Alexandre, Ann Ale-USAID.