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Top Ideas for Financial Markets and Access to Credit

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In April 2016, Haïti Priorise held its ninth sector expert roundtable to discuss the best solutions to address challenges in Haiti’s financial markets and access to credit systems. Roundtable participants were asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current policy efforts and to propose actions they think should be prioritized as a means to improve Haiti’s financial markets and access to credit systems.

The most notable ideas with regard to addressing financial markets and access to credit focused on securing land rights, non-bank financing, subsidies for farmers, and incentives to stimulate the consumption of local goods.

Top Ideas

Roundtable Attendees

Cynthia Perry, Sogebank; Philippe Rivière, Sogebank; Kathleen Dorsainvil, Dorsainvil Consulting; Fritz Duroseau, Consultant; Pierre-Marie Boisson, Forum Economique du Secteur Privé; Charles Noel, Sogebank; Ralph Denize, IDB/MIF; Eddy Labossière, Association Haïtien des Economistes; P. Maxime Jérôme, Association National des Institutions de Microfinance Haitiens (ANIMH); Marie-Renee Vertus, USAID; Natasha Brug , USAID.