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Top Ideas for Nutrition and Food Security

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In May 2016, Haïti Priorise held its fourteenth sector expert roundtable to discuss the best solutions to improve nutrition and food security. Roundtable participants were asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current policy efforts and to propose actions they think should be prioritized as a means to improve nutrition and food security in Haiti.

The most notable ideas with regard to nutrition and food security focused on expanding school canteen programs, reducing anemia in children 2 years and under, increasing vaccination rates, R&D for improved rice varieties, investing in irrigation canals, and other interventions meant to increase crop yields.

Top Ideas

Roundtable Attendees

Camille Chalmers, PAPDA; Rubain Joazil, IHSI; Davidson Olivier, SOHASAN; Kokou Amouzou, PAO; Lucuans Duvalsaint, FENASEC; Harmel Cazeau, CNSA; Evans Mozard, Concorde N; Agnes Solano, REACH, Alain Perodin, AMPH; Julia Kennedy, USAID.