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Youth Forum: Miragoane, Nippes Department

From February 2017, the Copenhagen Consensus Center began hosting regional Youth Forums across Haiti. 

These Youth Forums are a platform created by Haiti Priorise to enable young people from 18-30 years old to access the new research, discuss and debate their views, and present their perspective on development priorities for Haiti.

In May, a national Youth Forum will be held, to consider all of the research from the project.

With approximately 60% of the country under the age of 30, the youth are a very important group. Haiti Priorise is especially concerned to ensure that young women are given a voice in the discussion about priorities.

The second Youth Forum took place in Miragoane, Nippes Department .  A total of 55 of young Haitians took part, engaging in discussion and debate about the top priorities for their region and for Haiti.


Top priorities

civics education
wheat fortification
first responders

Lowest priority

microfinance program


Université Publique des Nippes (UPNIP)