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Denmark Consensus 2009

What are Denmark's biggest challenges? What areas concern Danes the most, and where do they want Danish politicians to focus first? What are the best solutions to their concerns, and where can we do the most good?

These questions were central to the first Denmark Consensus which was a project launched in cooperation with the Danish newspaper, Politiken. The overall objective of the project was to identify, analyze and assemble an overview of the best solutions to Denmark’s five biggest problems by engaging with the Danish people.

The starting point was: How can we most effectively solve Denmark's biggest problems with 5 billion kroners over the next five years?

The core of the project was to let the Danish people have their say. In December 2008 Politiken and Copenhagen Consensus Center asked the Danish population and Politiken's readers to identify five of the biggest challenges facing Denmark today. Leading economists in the five areas then had two months to compile up-to-date analysis of the best solutions to the five challenges. In late May 2009 an expert panel and the Politiken's readers ranked the solutions presented in the five analyses.