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Research Papers

Five Danish economic specialists within the five areas have compiled up-to-date analysis of the best solutions. These analyses will ensure the best possible foundation, including cost and benefits estimates, for the subsequent prioritization of the identified solutions.

Brief summaries and links to download these papers are found below. 



Climate & Environment

Since the first Danish Environmental Law was adopted in 1973 a variety of pollution problems have been resolved. But two big challenges still remains: greenhouse gas emissions and the enviromental impact of agriculture.

Research Paper
'Climate - Environment'
by  Alex Dubgaard

The Healthcare System

The Danish healthcare system is in many ways better resourced then many other countries, but when looking ahead, there will be a significant pressure on resources in the future.

Research Paper 
'The Healtcare System'
by Kjeld Møller Pedersen

Public Investments or Tax Relief

In the coming years Denmark will face low economical growth. A key question often asked in connection with this development is whether reductions in tax rates are the most effective way to ensure higher growth, or public investments.

Research Paper
'Public Investments or Tax Relief?'
by  Jan Rose Skaksen

Infrastructure and Public Transport

In Denmark transportation is a very integrated part of peoples daily lives. This paper outlines the biggest challenges of the transport sector in Denmark.

Research Paper 
'Infrastructure and Public Transport' 
by Niels Buus Kristensen et al.


In 2008 70,000 people immigrated to Denmark. Nearly 30,000 people emigrated. The relative large flows of immigration and emigration is a relatively new phenomenon. It is important to note that this flow is composed of people with vast differences in background and motives.

Research Paper
by  Peder J. Pedersen