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Combating Hunger

In this section, you can read the research about three solutions that were highly ranked by the Nobel Laureate Expert Panel:

You can also find out how this challenge can affect people in the developing world by reading the stories below.

Dulu Bibi's Story

On the eastern edge of Kolkata in India, twenty-five year-old mother-of-four Dulu Bibi worries about the cost of treating her two sick children.

Kapil Tamang's Story

Five-year-old Kapil is not at school today. He is once again sick with diarrhea and stomach pain. He will go to church to pray with his mother for recovery.

Samia- Khatuns story

When Samia Khatun first started suffering from a severe stiffness in her body at age 18, the hospital misdiagnosed her. Her family spent an entire month’s earnings on medicine that did not make her any better.

Samuel Nderitu's Story

This year the weather has been kind to Samuel Nderitu. For the last three years, his farm in a rural area north of Nairobi has lacked rain. This year is different.