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Expert Panel


Jagdish Bhagwati

University Professor at Columbia University and a Senior Fellow in International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has been Economic Policy Adviser to Arthur Dunkel, Director General of GATT, Special Adviser to the UN on Globalization, and External Adviser to the WTO.

Jagdish Bhagwati on Copenhagen Consensus


Douglass North

Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts and Sciences at the Washington University in St. Louis and  the Bartlett Burnap Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Professor North was the co-recipient with Robert Fogel of the 1993 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Douglass North on Copenhagen Consensus


Robert Mundell

University Professor at Columbia University in New York. Professor Mundell has been an adviser to a number of international agencies and organizations around the world. In 1999, Professor Mundell received the Nobel Prize in Economics.  In 2001 he was appointed Companion of the Order of Canada.

Robert Mundell on Copenhagen Consensus


Vernon Smith

Professor of Economics at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics and School of Law in Orange, California, a research scholar at George Mason University Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, and a Fellow of the Mercatus Center. Professor Smith was the co-recipient with Daniel Kahneman of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Vernon Smith on Copenhagen Consensus


[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"302","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"332","style":"width: 200px; height: 285px; float: left;","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"233"}}]]Nancy Stokey

Frederick Henry Prince Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Professor Stokey has published significant research in the areas of economic growth and development, as well as papers on economic history.

Nancy Stokey on Copenhagen Consensus


François Bourguignon

Director of the Paris School of Economics and the former Chief Economist of the World Bank. Bourguignon is a specialist in the economics of development, public policy, economic growth, income distribution and redistribution, inequality and poverty measurements.

François Bourguignon on Copenhagen Consensus


Thomas Schelling

Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus at the University of Maryland. For twenty years he was the Lucius N. Littauer Professor of Political Economy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Professor Schelling was the co-recipient with Robert Aumann of the 2005 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Thomas Schelling on Copenhagen Consensus


Finn Kydland

Henley Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and director of The Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance. Professor Kydland was the co-recipient with Edward Prescott of the 2004 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Finn Kydland on Copenhagen Consensus