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Pouring resources into agricultural R&D for most impoverished nations is a game-changer

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Economic Times

Research shows that a 1% increase in agricultural value added per hectare can bring about a quick 0.4% drop in poverty and a long-term 1.9% decrease, achieved through a combination of lower food costs and increased wages. Read the second part of the 12-piece series in The Economic Times (India).

The article has been published in more than 30 newspapers across the world, including National Post (Canada), The Nation (Kenya), Philippine Daily Inquirer, Bangkok Post (Thailand), Business Day (South Africa), The Jordan Times, , The Australian, New Times (Rwanda), AllAfrica, Milenio (Mexico), La Tercera (Chile), La Prensa (Nicaragua), El Comercio (Peru), Al-Ahram (Egypt), An-Nahar (Lebanon), Tempi (Italy), Portfolio (Hungary), Berlingske (Denmark), Daily Graphic and Dhaka Tribune (Bangladesh).