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Verden kommer ikke til at holde sine løfter (The world won't keep its promises)

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We have promised everything to everyone, as a consequence we do not reach the promised goals e.g. improved health for the entire world's population.

Each week, Bjorn Lomborg is writing about the 12 most phenomenal solutions for global development in 20+ newspapers worldwide. You can read his article on chronic disease in publications including in Jyllands-Posten (Denmark), Daily Nation (Kenya), Addis Fortune (Ethiopia), National Post (Canada), La Prensa (Nicaragua), The Jordan TimesThe Ghana ReportBusiness Day (South Africa), Milenio (Mexico), Listin Diario (Dominican Republic), Tempi (Italy), Portfolio (Hungary), El Periodico (Guatemala), El Comercio (Peru), El Universal (Venezuela), El Herlado (printed).