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A priority order for our SDGs can prove effective and win followers

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It is prudent for a world facing too many demands with too few resources to focus on the most effective public policies first.  

The world will be able to achieve its SDG 2030 promises only by 2078. While there are 17 SDGs, governments around the globe are supposed to focus on 169 indicators. It effectively means that there are no priorities. (4/14)

The developing world, which has budgetary constraints, cannot set aside resources to act on all these 169 indicators simultaneously. Therefore, it is prudent for governments to have a segmented goal-setting process. (5/14)

India can also help set this agenda across the world, as it takes the G20 helm for the next year. As the world is faltering on its SDG promises, India can show how to do much more with every rupee. (14/14)

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