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Copenhagen Consensus Center

Primary School Project

In the Copenhagen Consensus Education Project the Danish primary school students get the opportunity to discuss the best ways to address the world's biggest challenges.

In the spring 2009 the Copenhagen Consensus Center developed an education project for the primary schools in Denmark (7.- 9. grade) in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Education. The main objective of this project was to communicate the main method and research used at Copenhagen Consensus 2008 to students around Denmark.

The educational material consists of an interactive weppage, which calls on students and teachers to participate in the globale debate and consider the global challenges facing the world today. By participating in this project the students can get an insight into how different solutions are more benefical than others and most importantly, why we have to prioritize!

The project was launched in May 2009 at a seminar at Copenhagen Business School. 80 students from Copenhagen participated in a live prioritization of the solutions together with Bjørn Lomborg and the Danish Minister of Education, Bertel Haarder.

The web page included a web-based prioritization system, information for teachers, and easily accessible information in Danish about the world's challenges.