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The selection of zinc and vitamin A by the Copenhagen Consensus in 2008 as the top global issue was one of the main drivers that lead to our organization launching the Zinc Saves Kids initiative in partnership with UNICEF in 2009.  We have put $3 million into this initiative to help save children dying from zinc deficiency-related issues and are now expanding this effort through our work with the United Nations Foundation, Gates Foundation and others."

- Stephen R. Wilkinson, Executive Director International Zinc Association

In 2008, eight of the world’s leading economists, including five Nobel Laureates, in the so-called Copenhagen Consensus, recommended priorities for confronting the top ten global challenges. They ranked providing young children with micronutrients the number one most cost-effective way to advance global welfare."

- Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF at the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union

A hugely sensible book about global health and environmental problems, based on the “Copenhagen Consensus” project documented in The Economist. Its authors, eminent economists, recognise that the resources to tackle such problems are finite and need to be applied where they are most likely to be effective. Better, for instance, to spend resources on the immediate problem of AIDS in Africa than the more distant one of global warming. This book is a healthy antidote to the narrow views of single-issue pressure groups."

– The Economist, Books of the Year 2003

... an instructive guide ... a remarkable book which provides essential data for any informed discussion of vital world problems ... so often dominated by ill-informed debate. This book should prove necessary reading for all policy makers and philanthropists concerned with seriously tackling the world's challenges."

- Nicholas Newman, www.oxfordprospect.co.uk

Global Crises, Global Solutions is, therefore, worthwhile in that it offers an economic perspective on important problems in global policy."

- Lancet

...contains some of the best and most relevant policy research that social scientists have produced during the past few years."

- Journal of Peace Research

In the end, Global Crises, Global Solutions reports a brave and well-organised venture aimed at challenging our thinking about what matters most in the world."

- Times Higher Education Supplement