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On the sidelines of Copenhagen Consensus, university students and interested professionals had a unique opportunity to engage with leading economists, and to engage with the latest, cutting-edge economic analysis on...

    Student and Public Forum

    A One-Day Workshop on Health Economics in Developing Nations

    Concurrent to the third Copenhagen Consensus, the Copenhagen Consensus Center invited university students and interested professionals to engage with leading economists and explore the latest, cutting-edge economic analysis on the investments that governments, donors, and philanthropists should prioritize to make a difference in developing nations.

    Attendees to the Youth Forum were treated to presentations by John Hoddinott, International Food Policy Research Institute, Hunger and Malnutrition; Alix Zwane, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sanitation and Water; and Dean Jamison, University of Washington, Infectious Disease. The presenters guided students through the key findings of each of their Challenge Papers, and students engaged in a prioritization exercise designed to answer the question:

    If we had an extra $75 billion to put to good use, which problems would we solve first?

    Youth Forum Participants discussed and identified their own views about priorities for investment, and an overall list of priorities was formed based on each individual's final rankings. These indicate the investments where, overall, participants felt that additional funds should first be directed. 

    The Student Forum Ranking:

    1. Subsidy for Malaria Combination Treatment
    2. Bundled Micro-Nutrient Interventions
    3. R&D to Increase Yield Enhancements
    4. Sanitation as a Business
    5. Expanded Childhood Immunization Coverage
    6. Community Led Total Sanitation
    7. The Reinvented Toilet
    8. Accelerated HIV Vaccine R&D
    9. Expanding Tuberculosis Treatment
    10. Crop Advisory Text Messages
    11. Deworming of Schoolchildren
    12. Strengthening Surgical Capacity
    13. Increase Competition in the Fertilizer Market
    14. Borehole and Public Hand Pump Intervention