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Outcome - Resultados

The ranked lists of solutions by the Expert Panel

The ranking of the solutions to the greatest problems in Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to be an eye-opener to policy-makers throughout the region and will act as a vehicle for improving local, national, and regional decision-making. Measuring and prioritising different solutions to different challenges showed that the scarce resources are better put to use on some solutions than others. Considering the fast changing political and economic environments of the region today, the ranked list will be an apparent guide for the future on how to help lift the region out of poverty and improve the welfare of Latin-Americans and Caribbeans most cost-efficiently.

Download the Outcome press release

The Copenhagen Consensus on Latin America aimed to rank solutions to the biggest challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean. These challenges were: Democracy, Education, Employment and Social Security, Environment, Fiscal Problems, Health, Infrastructure, Poverty and Inequality, Public Administration and Institutions, and Violence and Crime. 
An expert panel of nine distinguished economists considered research about each major challenge and its potential solutions. This document was released to announce their ranking of interventions.