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Second Copenhagen Consensus: Micronutrient Supplements for Child Survival Best Practice, Horton et al

Best Practice Paper

By Sue Horton, France Begin, Alison Greig & Anand Lakshman

The 2008 Copenhagen Consensus ranked micronutrient supplements as the top development priority out of more than 40 interventions considered. Specifically, vitamin A supplementation for children (every 4‐6 months, from age 6 months to 5 years) and therapeutic zinc supplementation for diarrhea (10‐14 days of supplementation, up to the age of 5) were considered. Vitamin A supplementation can reduce all‐cause mortality for children 6‐59 months by 23%, and several studies suggest that therapeutic zinc supplements for diarrhea can reduce diarrheal mortality below the age of five by 50%.