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Second Copenhagen Consensus: Women and Development Assessment, King

Assessment Paper

An Assessment Paper on Women and Development was prepared for the second Copenhagen Consensus by Elizabeth M. King. The working paper used by the Expert Panel is available for download here, the finalized paper has been published in Global Crises, Global Solutions: Costs and Benefits from Cambridge University Press.

Short Summary

Over the past three decades gender issues have increasingly gained prominence on the development agenda. More attention is being given to the plight of poor and disadvantaged women in developing countries, and to the unfinished gender agenda in more developed countries.

But despite large strides in many countries, too many women continue to suffer discrimination, with negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of themselves and their children, as well as the broader economy. Supporting girls' education in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, improving reproductive health, providing microfinance and giving women and greater political voice would all repay the investment many times over, and benefit both the current and future generations.