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Globally, AIDS needs to remain high on the global political agenda, even among a proliferating array of challenges and issues—and against the backdrop of the economic crisis and AIDS ‘fatigue.’ The response to AIDS needs to adapt to the changing environment. Funding demands will grow, but we can lower the long-term cost trajectory if wise policy choices are made today with attention paid to costs and benefits. In highlighting effective responses, and shine a spotlight on prioritization and evidence-based decision-making, RethinkHIV adds to the body of information that can help to ensure smarter, sustainable decisions are made in the ongoing fight against HIV." 

–  Professor Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; founding Executive Director of UNAIDS

Setting priorities for how money could be spent most effectively to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa is a key priority. This pioneering work shows how economic analysis can contribute to a prioritisation for spending in this vital area. It will be invaluable to those funding both research activities and healthcare programmes in Africa."

– Professor Sir John Bell, President, Academy of Medical Sciences and Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University