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The Expert Panel and Authors

The Rush Foundation and the Copenhagen Consensus Center collaborated on the RethinkHIV project. Rush asked the Copenhagen Consensus Center to commission a group of leading health academics to analyze policy choices ...

The expert panel


    Here you can find a list of all authors involved in RethinkHIV, as well as the members of our Expert Panel. 

    Preventing Sexual Transmission

    Assessment Paper Authors:

    Jere Behrman

    W.R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Economics and Director of Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania

    Hans-Peter Kohler

    Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography, University of Pennsylvania


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    Alan Whiteside

    Professor, Economic Research Unit and Director of Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division, University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa

    Damien de Walque

    Senior Economist in the Development Research Group (Human Development and Public Services Team), World Bank

    Preventing Non-sexual Transmission

    Assessment Paper Author:

    Lori A. Bollinger

    Vice President at Futures Institute


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    Mira Johri

    Associate Professor, International Health Unit and Department of Health Administration, University of Montreal

    Rob Baltussen

    Health economics specialist and  coordinator of NICHE – the Nijmegen International Center for Health Systems Research and Education, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center

    Jan Hontelez

    Assistant Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Researcher at NICHE

    Treatment and Initiatives to Reduce the Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

    Assessment Paper Authors:

    Mead Over

    Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development

    Geoffrey Garnett

    Professor of Microparasite Epidemiology at the Imperial College London


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    John Stover

    President at the Futures Institute

    Robert J. Brent

     Professor of Economics, Fordham University

    Vaccine Research and Development

    Assessment Paper Authors:

    Robert Hecht

    Managing Director at the Results for Development Institute

    Dean Jamison

    Professor of Global Health at the University of Washington

    Gabrielle Partidge

    Results for Development Institute

    Kira Thorien

    Results for Development Institute

    Jared Augenstein

    Yale School of Public Health


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    Steven Forsythe

    Senior Economist at the Futures Institute

    Joshua Salomon

    Associate Professor of International Health, Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard University

    Social Policy

    Assessment Paper Authors:

    Anna Vassall

    Lecturer Economics of HIV at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    Michelle Remme

    Health Finance Specialist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    Charlotte Watts

    Professor of Social and Mathematical Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    Harounan Kazianga

    Assistant Professor, Spears School of Business at the Oklahoma State University

    Tony Barnett

    Professor at the London School of Economics

    Initiatives to Strengthen Health Systems

    Assessment Paper Authors: 

    William McGreevey

    Associate Professor, Department of International Health at Georgetown University

    Carlos Avila

    Georgetown University

    Mary Punchak

    Georgetown University


    Perspective Paper Authors:

    Nicoli Nattrass

    Professor, School of Economics at the University of Cape Town

    Till Bärnighausen

    Assistant Professor of Global Health, Harvard School of Public Health

    David E. Bloom

    Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography; Chair, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard University

    Salal Humair

    Visiting Associate Professor, School of Public Health at Harvard University


    Georgetown University Expert Panel

    Ernest Aryeetey 

    Vice Chancellor, University of Ghana

    Paul Collier 

    Director, Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University

    Edward C. Prescott

    Nobel Laureate; W. P. Carey Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency at Arizona State University

    Thomas C. Schelling

    Nobel Laureate; Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus at the University of Maryland

    Vernon Smith

    Professor of Economics, Argyros School of Business and Economics and School of Law, Chapman University