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Sensible budgets are not Ghana’s forte. But there is hope

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The Econmoist published a  great write-up on our Ghana Priorities project research. 

Ghana's National Development Planning Commission (ndpc) and the Copenhagen Consensus, an international think-tank, have teamed up to create a new initiative called the Ghana Priorities. It hopes to steer the government away from pork barrels by using solid evidence to assess which projects give the most bang for each buck.

More than 400 ideas have been narrowed down to 79. The costs and benefits of each have been analysed in peer-reviewed research papers and given a ratio. The best, such as ones for improving tb diagnostics and for universal malaria testing, have benefits worth over 100 times the costs (health schemes tend to score well). A land-title programme to clarify property rights promises benefits more than 90 times greater than the investment required."

Read the full article here.