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Reference Group

The Ghana Priorities Reference Group was created to provide input and guidance for the implementation of the Ghana Priorities project. The main task of the Reference Group was to provide input to the filtering process of relevant policy interventions to include and research in the project.

Initial consultations with 10 Ghanaian “sector experts” across areas aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have yielded a long list of more than 400+ interventions for potential further research, and additional consultations with other experts and ministries in Ghana has further expanded this list.

The Reference Group members were drawn from the public sector, private sector, civil society organizations, academia, the media, identifiable groups and individuals who will help select interventions to be researched by Ghana Priorities.

The role of the reference group was to review the 400+ interventions for Ghana that have been proposed during the consultations and indicate which interventions are top priorities for full cost-benefit research, resulting in narrowed down a list of 80+ interventions to be researched

Reference Group Members