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Stakeholders Roundtable Discussions Take Place in Accra

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IT was wonderful to see great buy-in to the Copenhagen Consensus’ new policy prioritization project “Ghana Priorities” in Accra last week.

Hundreds of sector experts have attended our week-long roundtable discussions on issues such as health, education, gender, environment, poverty, agriculture and infrastructure, providing excellent feedback to our economists' initial research that seeks to find out where each cedi spent can yield the greatest economic, social and environmental benefits.

The Director-General of the National Development Planning Commission, Dr Mensah-Abrampa, offered his full support, emphasizing the need “to provide real technical information, data evidence and also assess each of the policies against cost and benefit and bring it to the table of decision-makers.”

He added: “So if we get new resources coming into the national budget, we will know where exactly to put these resources so we can make most gains.”

Over the coming months, researchers from Ghana and abroad will assess the costs and benefits of more than 80 policy proposals, which will be presented to an Eminent Panel that includes some of Ghana’s most accomplished economists, the Finance Minister, the Minister of Planning and a Nobel Laureate in May 2020.

Over the course of last week, there have been several news reports in Ghana’s leading newspapers, and multiple TV channels have sent camera teams. You can read some of the articles from The Daily Graphic, News Ghana, and The Daily Guide Network