Bangladesh Priorities: Helping Make Vision 2021 A Reality

Through the 7th Five Year Plan & the Vision 2021 plan, Bangladesh is struggling to attain the status of a middle income country. Like the achievement of MDGs, Bangladesh is planning to improve not only its economic prominence but also the poverty, nutrition, healthcare& environment. Under the project titled, “Bangladesh Priorities”, BRAC in partnership with Copenhagen Consensus Center has identified Bangladesh’s most pressing problems and the smartest solutions to combat them cost effectively. Over 400 experts from government, international organizations, scholars, and intellectuals analyzed more than 1000 proposals. Finally, based on cost-benefit analysis, a panel of economists from Bangladesh and abroad researched 76 strategies that have been sorted and ranked by an eminent panel, experts, rural people and youth of Bangladesh.

This book “Priorities for Bangladesh: Helping Vision 2021 a Reality” aims at informing policy planners and makers, academia and the public in Bangladesh about smartest solutions of the challenges faced by Bangladesh in different development sector. 

Volume 1

The Volume 1 of this book discusses the most cost effective ways to ensure transparency and effectiveness in government procurement system, better livelihood in Dhaka city, smooth migration process, improved readymade garment industry, effective village courts fast transportation across Dhaka city, implementation of Padma bridge project, development, and dissemination of golden rice. This volume also mentions analysis of tackling early child marriage, climate change effects, energy problems, maternal & neonatal mortality and NCDs.

Volume 2

The Volume 2 of this book discusses the most cost effective solutions to poverty, Pollution, Health and Nutrition issues, Trade and Market, Intra-regional transportation, Digitization and Land Records issues

Published: 2017

Publisher: AHDPH