The importance of proper nutrition

Copenhagen Consensus research on hunger and malnutrition has given prominence to this important issue. This page outlines our work on the issue and its impact on the wider development community. For a three minute s...

    Hunger & Malnutrition

    Combatting hunger and malnutrition consistently rank at the top of our Expert Panels' lists of priorities. It is easy to understand why. 

    Copenhagen Consensus research shows that when children are properly nourished in their first thousand days, they have huge advantages throughout life. Our work on nutrition interventions has led to the creation of initiatives such as Zinc Saves Kids and increased attention to the life-long effects of malnourishment. 

    Yet today 840 million people in the world remain inadequately nourished. Malnourishment in childhood presents difficulties in the rest of one's life. Hunger and malnutrition are crosscutting issues: they affect health, education, and ultimately, life-long productivity.