Lant Pritchett

Professor of the Practice of International Development - Harvard Kennedy School


PhD in economics, MIT (1988)

Research areas 
Poverty and vulnerability, social capital, health, safety net programs, economic growth, education, participatory project approaches, and trade.

Selected publications 
Pritchett, L., "Does Learning to Add up Add Up" forthcoming in Handbook of Education Economics, North Holland, 2005.
Pritchett, L., "World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work for the Poor. (with WDR2004 team). Oxford University Press for World Bank. 
Pritchett, L., "Ought Ain't Is: An Economists Midnight Thoughts on Education." forthcoming in Brussels Economic Review.
Pritchett, L., "Evolution of Poverty during the Crisis in Indonesia" (with Sudarno Sumarto and Asep Suryahadi). Asian Economic Journal. (2003).