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Philip L. Martin


PhD in economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1975)

Research areas
Immigration, farm labor, and economic development.

Selected publications
Martin, P.L. and J. Widgren, "International Migration: Facing the Challenge", 2002, Washington DC: Population Reference Bureau. Population Bulletin Vol 57, No 1. March.
Martin, P.L. and M.S. Teitelbaum, "The Mirage of Mexican Guest Workers", 2001, Foreign Affairs. Vol 80, No. 6. November-December.
Martin, P.L., "North America, Central America and the Caribbean", 2000, pp 235-265 in Susan Martin. Ed. 2001. World Migration Report: 2000. Geneva. International Organization for Migration.
Garcia y Griego, M. and P.L. Martin, "Immigration and Immigrant Integration in California: Seeking a New Consensus", 2000, Berkeley. California Policy Seminar.