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Introductory Sector Expert Consultation

The introductory sector expert consultation on Rajasthan priorities was organized at Jaipur on 5th July 2017 to introduce the Rajasthan Priorities under the India Consensus Project to major stakeholders in the state including academia, government, civil society, and researchers. The participants represented a diverse group, covering all major 18 priority sectors of Rajasthan priorities.  

During the sector expert consultation, participants brainstormed various ongoing interventions across the state cover all major priority sectors in the state, covering governance and institution,  education, employment and skill development, agriculture and food security, water, sanitation and hygiene, crime and violence, gender equality and health. The roundtable was focused on finding solutions to the above major problems along with a discussion on others sectors like infrastructure, transport and digital connectivity and literacy.  


List of Participants 

  1. Shri Inderjit Khanna, Former Chief Secretary and Board Member-Centre of Micro Finance (CMF), Tata Trust 
  2. Shri Vijay S Vyas, Former Chairman, Rajasthan Planning Commission and Board Member -Centre of Micro Finance (CMF), Tata Trust
  3. Dr D. K Mangal, Dean - Research Indian Institute of Health Management Research University (IIHMR)
  4. Dr P R Sodani, Professor and Health Economist, Indian Institute of Health Management Research University (IIHMR)
  5. Shri Kumar Ranjan, Project Manager, CmF, Jaipur
  6. Malika Srivastava, Executive Director, CmF and Regional Head- Rajasthan, Tata Trusts
  7. Dr Romal Singh, Director- Child/Maternal Health, NHM, Rajasthan
  8. Rajnish Prasad, Family Planning Incharge, UNFPA, Rajasthan 
  9. Divya Santharam, Adolescent Health Incharge-UNFPA
  10. Arpit Asthana, Centre for Microfinance (CMF), Rajasthan 
  11. Varun Kappal, Centre for Microfinance (CMF), Rajasthan
  12. Ashish Gautam, Centre for Microfinance (CMF), Rajasthan
  13. Sunil Jacob Das, State Head - Rajasthan UNFPA
  14. Mohan Kumar, Researcher, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Jaipur
  15. Zahir Abbas, WASH Expert, UNICEF Rajasthan 
  16. Chhaya Pachauli, Health Expert, Prayas
  17. Ambuj Kishore, Programme Director, ARAVALI Rajasthan 
  18. Saurabh Kumar, PMU (Livelihood) CmF, Jaipur
  19. Mohini Chaudhary, Grant Manager, CmF, Jaipur
  20. Govind Akar, Project Management Unit, Tata Trust, Jaipur
  21. Vijay Sharma, PMU, CmF, Jaipur
  22. Vishnu Sakuni, PMU, RHCF
  23. Sarita Sharma, PMU, CmF, Jaipur
  24. Narendra, Centre for Microfinance, Jaipur
  25. Mukesh, Centre for Microfinance, Jaipur
  26. Amit PMU, CmF, Jaipur
  27. R P Tyagi, PMU-D L