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Rajasthan Priorities Events And Updates

4th June 2018 at WTC 26th Floor Board room, Mumbai

Under Tata Trusts leadership speaker series, a talk was organised for Tata trusts teams showcasing the 160 cost-benefit analyses across all main policy areas in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Bjorn Lomborg presented the economic research on policies that do amazing good for every rupee spent. This seminar was followed by one to one key discussions with the core teams.

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Eminent Panel Event, Rajasthan Priorities, June 7 to 11th June ,2018.

Eminent Panel Events for Rajasthan Priorities was held up from June 7 to 11th June ,2018. The Eminent Panel Launch Event took place in the evening of 7th June. The chief guest of the event was Dr K.L. Jain, Industrialist and Honorary Secretary General of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said these findings are not informative to the Government of Rajasthan, but also to industry, including NGOs and charitable organizations. He ensured his support in reaching out to corporates with the key research findings so that they will also benefit with this unique methodology under CSR initiatives. He said CBA analysis can be a foundation for the state's all-round development. The reception provided an opportunity for Eminent Panel members, academics, top government officials, Journalists and civil society community to socialise and discuss policy informally. 

He was joined by the Eminent Panel members comprised of Dr.Bibek Debroy, Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India and member of NITI Aayog; Dr. Rathin Roy, Director of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP); Prof.Amitabh Mattoo, CEO and Honorary Director of the Australia India Institute; and Prof.Alok Ray, Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management .The reception was well attended by important stakeholders from the government, academia, media and industry along with some of the researchers who had contributed to the project. This was well covered by the audio-visual media. Apart from Rajasthan Patrika and Danik Bhaskar, Dr Lomborg interview was also broadcasted on FM 101.2@9:10 0n 9th June,2018 for a duration of 15 minutes. 

Assessing the Smartest Intervention: Academic Conference- 8th -10th June

The Eminent Panel members comprised of prestigious economists in India, read all of the research papers, listened to presentations and put questions to the researchers at an academic conference held in Jaipur,8-10th June. Each Eminent Panel member assigned his own ranking to proposals. The Eminent Panel’s ranking was calculated by taking the median of individual rankings. The Eminent Panel jointly endorsed the median ordering as representing their agreed view. Finally, they ranked all of the interventions

Seminar to disseminate the research findings to Senior bureaucrats on 11th June,2018

The Rajasthan Priorities Eminent Panel results were disseminated to the Senior bureaucrat’s and heads of chambers and philanthropic organizations .The seminar was chaired by Chief Secretary, Dr D.B.Gupta along with additional chief secretary and Principal Secretaries and secretaries of departments of Finance, Social justice, Industry, UDH, Medical and health, WCD, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Transport, Education, Energy and water resource, PHED, Planning and IT, Labour and skills, RD and PR, Tourism and forestry, Science and technology, LSG, Food, Social and Tribal Welfare, Secondary Education and Environment among others.

The list of the senior level officials (excluding the participation of CCC, India consensus team) along with office orders issued from CS and PS-Planning  is at Annexure -3Chief Secretary, Mr. Gupta, said: “This project provides a useful methodology that the state welcomes. The state’s departments will look carefully at the research to ensure that it uses the latest data, and is finely tuned, ensuring that it will be of maximum use for Rajasthan.

Sharing the Final Rankings with the honourable Chief Minister 

Rajasthan Priorities, presented a volume of new research findings commissioned from Indian and international economists, to analyse the costs and benefits of 79 specific proposals. to Honourable Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, providing cost-benefit analysis across a broad range of central issues to Rajasthan.

This meeting was held in presence of Chief Secretary, Mr Gupta, Principal secretary CMO, Sh Tanmay and Principle Secretary Planning Aklil Arora ji on 11th June,2018 at 5pm to 6pm. Tata Trusts was represented by Ms. Pooja Parvati, Manager Policy and Advocacy. 

Detailed discussion was held to chalk out the plan for further implementation of most relevant interventions. CM found the CBA approach very interesting, an innovative methodology to spend relatively small amounts to create the most social and economic impact. She advised Rajasthan priorities team connect with the Principal Secretary, Mr Akhil Arora to take 4-5 pilots with some of the recommended interventions. And if successful, more systematically State can use benefit-to-cost comparison in all other sectors. 

Honourable CM of J&K takes interest in bringing India Consensus to her state on 13th June,2018

Honorable CM of J&K took interest in bringing India Consensus to her state. After being briefed on Rajasthan and AP priorities projects, the Chief Minister of J&K, Ms.Mehbooba Mufti welcomed the India Consensus methodology to Jammu and Kashmir, and suggested social, economic and environmental monitoring of developmental schemes even as she asked for better prioritization of ideas for overall growth and development of the society. Advisor to Chief Minister, Prof. Amitabh Mattoo; Chief Secretary, B B Vyas; Principal Secretary planning, Rohit Kansal and Dr.Bjorn Lomborg, Mr Roland  and Dr Manorama Bakshi from India Consensus were present in the meeting.

NITI Aayog and India Consensus collaboration, NITI Aayog hosted the event on 14th June ,2018

The presentation on evidence-based policy prioritisation model on India Consensus report on cost-benefit analysis was chaired by NITI Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar on 14th June, 2018. 

It was attended by Chief Secretaries, Additional chief secretaries dealing with the planning department of 29 states and 3 union territories, joint secretaries from 14 Central Ministries, CEO NITI Aayog, Mr Amitab Kant and senior officers from NITI Aayog, eminent economists and researchers.

The focus of the presentation was on how this approach and method could be replicated across other states, the statement said. Ms Shireen Vakil, Head Policy and Advocacy, Tata Trusts shared the initiative undertaken by Trusts across the states in partnership with various stakeholders including NITI Aayog and Copenhagen Consensus Center.

NITI VC has asked India Consensus team to do the following activities on priority basis