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Building India’s talent base

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New research released today highlights different ways for Rajasthan to solve its skilling crisis. Skilling Rajasthan is a huge challenge: In the next five years, the state needs 53 lakh skilled people in the labour market. However existing initiatives would ensure up to 10 lakh people.

When India found itself at the 103rd position in the recent World Economic Forum ranking of 130 nations on the preparedness of talent, it was just another indication of the skills challenge. In just five years, the government’s skill gap analysis report estimates that an extra 40 crore workers need to be skilled, reskilled or upskilled. The current official estimate is that slightly more than half a crore people are being trained annually.

Policymakers are responding swiftly. But with limited resources and time, which skills policies will make the biggest impact? New research commissioned by Tata Trusts and the Copenhagen Consensus Center for the India Consensus projects, ‘Andhra Pradesh Priorities’ and ‘Rajasthan Priorities’, helps answer that question for the two States."

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