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Ease of doing business: Land record reforms ahoy!

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A new study by Nirupama Soundararajan and Shagun Khurana of Pahle India Foundation (PIF) looks at how business reforms can help Rajasthan get ahead, estimating both costs and benefits of the policies.

Rajasthan is currently ranked sixth by the DIPP on the ‘ease of doing business’. The authors’ research finds that businesses in Rajasthan continue to witness various administrative and regulatory bottlenecks on a regular basis, particularly in obtaining land for commercial use. Land record digitisation would help solve these problems,  generating economic benefits for Rajasthan worth 26-times the costs.

While India climbed a phenomenal 30 spots to the 100th position out of 190 surveyed countries in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index this year, investors have ample choice among Indian states. Investor perception is key, and each state wants to make sure that it is competitive. New research findings identify specific policies that would help gain an advantage.

Researchers Nirupama Soundararajan and Shagun Khurana from Pahle India Foundation have looked at how business reforms can help states get ahead, estimating both costs and benefits of these policies. Their research shows that the pathway to improving regulatory conditions will vary from state to state. But even states with a high ranking on the ‘ease of doing business’ can benefit to the tune of tens of thousands of crores of rupees, by removing regulatory hurdles."

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