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Education reforms: Getting children into classrooms is no longer enough

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New research covered by The Hindustan Times shows which policies contribute most effectively to enhancing education in Rajasthan. The Indian government over time has taken several initiatives to make the education system of the country robust. These initiatives, though have improved enrolment and retention rates dramatically over years, have stopped a step short of improving the learning outcomes.

To achieve its full potential, it is crucial that India enacts education reforms to enhance human capital. Government policies have so far lifted school enrolment and retention rates, but new research starkly shows that the focus must shift to interventions that will deliver greater benefits at the lowest cost.

While more children are staying in school for longer, Pratham reports show learning outcomes are plunging: in 2005, 49% of Grade 5 students could do division; by 2016, it was 26 percent. Only half of the children in Grade 5 can read a Grade 2 textbook."

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