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Presentation of Early Findings

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In dinner meet hosted for Rajasthan Priorities project, Bjørn Lomborg, President, Copenhagen Consensus Center presented the early finding of cost-benefit studies along with next years plan of action. 

The dignitaries present in meet includes Maharaj Jai Singh, K L Jain, President, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce, Dr Jyoti Kiran, Chair Rajasthan Finance Commission, Dr. Hemant Malhotra, President, Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology (ISMPO) & Senior Professor, SMS Medical College Hospital, Jaipur, Suneel Thomas, Head -UNFPA Rajasthan, Dr Sharda jain, Dr Malti jain, Mr Ambuj Kishore, Excutive Director, ARAVALI, head of more than 20 leading non-profit organisation, representative from Government,  embassies and government officials etc.  For Rajasthan Priority, we have done 17 sector expert consultations starting from agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, poverty etc with more than 1000 expert from government, academia, civil society and development agencies have participated in identifying the best policy solutions.