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Time to further reduce maternal mortality rate

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An article published in The Economic Times highlights opportunities to further reduce infant and maternal mortality. In Rajasthan, infant mortality dropped from 65 to 41 deaths per live birth between 2005/6 and 2015/16. Yet, Rajasthan faces the ongoing challenges of low child immunization levels and access to maternal health services.

Life expectancy in India has increased almost four years in the last decade. Every 24 hours, India added more than nine hours to the life of a newborn — thereby ‘allowing’ a baby born today four more years of life. To a large extent, this progress is due to substantial reductions in infant and maternal mortality, dropping a quarter and a third over the last decade.

Yet, India can do better. It ranks 145th out of 193 nations on infant mortality, and 129 of 184 nations on maternal mortality, according to the World Bank."

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