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Sector Expert Consultation on Digitisation and Innovation

On November 3rd, 2017, the Sector Expert Consultation on Digitization and Innovation was held at Hotel Clark Amar, Jaipur. The discussions ranged but not limited to innovation in governance, efficient delivery of services, innovation in digital space for larger public good as well as ongoing digitization initiatives by government and industries. The consultation was organized in collaboration of Startup Oasis, Rajasthan. A total number of 27 experts participated in the consultation. 

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The consultation included experts from government agencies like the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Indian Institute of Craft & Design, Digital Empowerment Foundation, BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) Innovative Center-UICB-CCT, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Common Services Centers (CSC) – SPV- Digital India scheme along with founders and founder and CEO of many start-ups and leading stakeholders from digitization and innovation sector of Rajasthan State.   

The experts came up with a list of 54 interventions for the Digitization and Innovation Sector in Rajasthan.


List of Participants