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Sector Expert Consultation on Governance and Institutions

On 17th November, a sector expert consultation was organized on ‘Governance and Institutions’ at Amar Clark, Jaipur. The consultation was focused to identify the cross-sectoral issues in Rajasthan. A total of 34 sector experts participated in the consultation.

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Sector experts from the Department of Minority Affairs, State Finance Commission, Rural Development Department, Rajasthan Police and other representative from Rajasthan Government, Jindal School of Public Policy, Budget Analysis Rajasthan Centre, Jaipur, Center for Micro Finance, Jaipur, All India Service Pensioners Association along with many other representative of various civil society organizations and academia attended the consultation.  All sector experts contributed to a meaningful discussion on the solutions to address challenges for the governance sector. A total of 51 interventions were listed.


List of Participants