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Sector Expert Consultation on Tribal Welfare

On 10th Nov 2017, the sector expert consultation on Tribal Welfare was held at Swaroop Vilas, Udaipur. A total of 39 experts working for tribal development or leading various initiative for tribal welfare in Rajasthan participated in the consultation. The discussion was divided into seven subcategories including (1) Tribal welfare Institutions (2) Local governance, Program implantation and accountability (3) Skills development and capacity building (4) Forest Rights - FRA and PESA (5) Participatory planning and Community involvement in decision making (6) Water Management (7) Infrastructure and connectivity   and others issues.

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The consultation included experts from Government agencies such as the Tribal Development Department, Government of Rajasthan, Rajeevika- RGAVP, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, SRIJAN (Self Reliant Institutes through Joint Action), ARAVALI, Center for Microfinance, Tata Trusts, BAIF, Udaipur, Seva Mandir, Ajeevika Bauru, CULP etc. and some independent activists in the state of Rajasthan.

All experts contributed to a meaningful discussion on the solutions to address challenges for tribal welfare. A total of 65 interventions were listed.

Tribal Welfare Institutions 

Local Governance, Program Implantation and Accountability  

Skills Development and Capacity Building 

Forest Rights - FRA and PESA

Participatory Planning and Community Involvement in Decision Making 

Water Management 

Infrastructure and Connectivity  


List of Participants