Top outcomes

As we look forward from our influence on top interventions, we want to make sure that all cost-effective good ideas are promoted as they should be. Thus in parrallel with our 10th anniversary, we are following up with contributing academics to find out Why Haven't We Done This Yet? The project asks the titular question and explores why certain interventions have not been implemented despite their promise. 

We are ranked in the top 20 think tanks in terms of advocacy impact according to the University of Pennsylvania’s Go-to-Think Tank index

Tackling malnutrition and hunger

Combatting hunger and malnutrition consistently rank at the top of our Expert Panels' lists of priorities. It is easy to understand why. 

Copenhagen Consensus research shows that when children are properly nourished in their first thousand days, they have huge advantages throughout life. Our work on nutrition interventions has led to the creation of initiatives such as Zinc Saves Kids and increased attention to the life-long effects of malnourishment. 

Health and disease

Chronic and infectious diseases exact a huge toll on the world's population, nowhere more so than in the developing world. Interventions such as broader vaccinations and drugs that fight malaria and HIV/AIDS have huge benefits for relatively small costs. Our Expert Panels have continually excouraged their deployment.

This support has led to the specialized project Rethink HIV, conducted in partnership with the Rush Foundation. Rethink HIV was the first project to apply cost-benefit analysis to highlight investments and actions that can make a difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS. 

Green R&D

Copenhagen Consensus research has continually highlighted the benefits of funding research and development for more effective and cheaper green technologies to combat climate change as well as increase agricultural productivity. 

The message is starting to be heard. In late 2013, Japan opted to extend R&D funding instead of continuing to subisidize less-effective renewable technologies. 




Copenhagen Consensus on free trade and trade barriers has ranked near the top of the Expert Panel's prioritized lists in each of the three Copenhagen Consensus conferences.