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Is loan waiver a panacea for rural distress?

Loan waivers adversely affect marginal farmers due to a reduction of formal credit channels given to them.

How to improve agricultural productivity

New research published in Mint Newspaper highlights which policies will be most effective at improving agricultural productivity. 

Solutions beyond farm loan waivers

Among all the states in India, Rajasthan has one of the lowest farmer suicide rates. However, this does not mean that farmers in Rajasthan have been immune to increasing levels of agrarian distress. And last year’s ...

E-mandis cut middlemen superprofits

Professor Nilanjan Banik discusses his three-fold approach to policy interventions that can truly benefit the farming community with Dr. Anurag Narayan Banerjee (Durham University Business School) and Dr. Buddhadeb ...

Andhra Jyothy reports on the findings from our research on Farmer Distress.

Andhra Jyothy reports on the findings from our research on Agriculture.

    Agriculture and Food Security


    Written by agricultural economist Dr Surabhi Mittal, Independent Consultant and Non-Resident Fellow, Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture & Nutrition (TCI), Technical Assistance and Research for India Nutrition & Agriculture (TARINA). Dr Mittal analyses four policy interventions: certified seed production and promotion; expanding extension services using mobile technology; introducing soil health cards; and crop diversification.

    Water Resource Management

    Solutions for water scarcity in Rajasthan are examined by Dr Dinesh Kumar, Executive Director of the Institute for Resource Analysis and Policy (IRAP), Hyderabad. Dr Kumar analyses two policies: one is expanding irrigation sprinkler systems and appropriate crop selection; the other is renovating Khadins, traditional water harvesting systems.

    Farmer Distress

    Research by Professor Nilanjan Banik from Bennett University, Greater Noida examined three of the most relevant policy interventions in Rajasthan: farm loan waiver programme; improving cold storage infrastructure; and introducing e-mandis.

    Ranking Solutions in Terms of Social Value for Money

    Learn how the analysed interventions within Agriculture and Food Security compare to policy options in Rajasthan across other social sectors in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits per rupee spent.

    Sector Expert Consultation

    The objective of the consultation was to identify and brainstorm on most effective interventions for the State of Rajasthan in the agriculture sector and prioritize the best developmental solutions for State.  The sector experts discussed various topics for agriculture, value chain management, productivity, research, extension, inputs services and irrigations related issue for the State.