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Introductory Sector Expert Consultation

The introductory sector expert consultation was held on 6th of July 2017 and focused on discussions covering solutions and interventions on the ground. The sectors covered during the discussion were water, tribal welfare, agriculture, education and quality, gender equality, malnutrition, open defecation, poor access to health care, lack of infrastructure in the health system, law and order, migration, trafficking of women, livelihoods, and alternate energy sources. 

The interventions like watershed management, emphasis on traditional water harvesting practices, quality of drinking water, hydrological linkages across the state. Healthcare and educational facilities in tribal areas, the capacity of teachers and school infrastructure, gender equality and focus on alternate energy sources came up during sector expert consultation. 


List of Participants 

  1. Dr B M Naidu, Associate Director, Centre for Good Governance
  2. B Sada Siva, Programme Leader, DHAN Foundation 
  3. V Subbaram Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Eklavya Foundation subbu
  4. M.V Ramachandran, Executive Secretary, WASSAN 
  5. V Sreepathi Reddy, Vice President, Vandemataram 
  6. Shankar Dutta, Managing Director and Dean, BASIX