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Sector Expert Consultation On Economy, Business And Industry

Andhra Pradesh with its strategic location is poised to be the Gateway to East and Southeast Asia. The State estimated at Rs. 5,47,021 crores GSDP (at constant prices) for the year 2016-17 indicating a growth of 11.61 per cent. The strong manufacturing sectors along with government initiatives of promoting sector specific industrial parks have strongly attracted investment and created enabling an environment for economic development, business, and industry. The other major projects include Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor and Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor.

Andhra is the first state in the country to have enacted the Industrial Single Window Clearance which has greatly simplified procedures for getting industrial clearances. The state also has separate acts for development in sectors such as solar power, electronic hardware, and food processing.


A consultation for business, economy, and industry was organized in partnership with Vizag Chamber of Commerce on 10th August 2017 at Vishakhapatnam. Some of the major intervention suggested during the consultation process are as follow:

List of Participants