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Sector Expert Consultation on Education

On 26th Oct 2017, the sector expert consultation on Education was held at Hotel DV Manor, Vijayawada. A total of 16 experts participated in the consultation. 


The consultation included experts from Government agencies like Tribal Welfare Department; Department of Higher Education & School – AP, AP Rural Development Secretariat, Private sector initiatives like St. Josephs College of Education for Women; Bridge International Academies; AMG India International; research organisations like PRATHAM Education foundation, and other independent consultants working in this area in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Key participants included Mr. B. Mallikarjuna Reddy from the AP Tribal Department,  Mr. Ranjit Koshi from Bridge International Academies, Mr. P. Rambabu from Pratham Foundation, Mr. Prabhakar Rao from RMSA, AP.

The expert came up with a list of 41 interventions for the Education Sector in Andhra Pradesh. The list of interventions discussed in detail and proposed during the consultation is given below.

  1. Roadmap/follow-up for teachers post-teacher training.
  2. Need based training to the teachers
  3. Stress free education with physical literacy in educational institutions
  4. Involvement of parents and community.
  5. Monitoring teachers to use ICT and focusing on all round development of students. 
  6. Link Anganwadis with primary schools Develop educational material for pre-school education 
  7. Designing pedagogy with emphasis on vocational training.
  8. Periodically assess teachers and improve teaching skills.
  9. Need for inclusion of tried and tested interventions in the curriculum. 
  10. Child centric – activity based teaching.
  11. Incentives/Schemes for girls, children from tribal population to complete their school education
  12. Interventions to develop cognitive skills
  13. Teacher student ratios. (1:20)
  14. Academic support at school level.
  15. Development of digital learning materials in consultation with teachers .
  16. E-learning and videoconferencing lessons
  17. Special focus on districts with poor performance on education indicators. Develop district school improvement programs for these districts
  18. Establishing Mini gurukulams to reduce drop outs at primary level
  19. Setting up of SIEMAT (State Institute of Education Management and Training) for improved capacity building and Institutional strengthening
  20. Promoting value based education.
  21. Incentivize villages for “Akshara Award” to reach 100% literacy.
  22. Develop physical literacy by ensuring playgrounds and sports development.
  23. Encouraging students towards social services and leadership qualities.
  24. Digital library in different subjects should be made available through the SCERT/state e-corner office 
  25. Development of digital learning material in consultation with teachers
  26. Online teacher training, improve quality of in-service teacher training by making it need based and regular
  27. Redesigning the curriculum at primary level
  28. Restructure time management for teachers
  29. Minimizing the parental high expectations from students for professional courses. 
  30. Checking dropouts of students in 8th standard and above. 
  31. Monitoring for teacher absenteeism
  32. Expanding early childhood development e.g. psychosocial stimulation
  33. Offer adult literacy to individuals with low literacy levels when they enrol for skill development 
  34. Academic coordinators to strengthen the academic work
  35. Improve literacy levels, especially of Women, through Adult Education Initiatives 
  36. International level standardized frameworks for assessment of student learning levels. 
  37. Teacher should mobilize social and financial resources in the village. 
  38. Arranging teleconferences on need base
  39. Mobile vehicles with trained personnel and equipment made available to all educational institutions
  40. Link adult education with the SHG network  
  41. Conditional cash transfers to encourage school attendance

List of Participants