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Sector Expert Consultation on Gender

Sector Expert Consultation on ‘Gender’ was held on 15th November 2017 at Hotel Nagarjuna Grand, Guntur. A total number of 17 experts who participated in the consultation. The consultation included experts from Government agencies and non-government organizations like officers from Women and Child Welfare Department, AP, All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), Vasavya Mahila Mandal, Advocates, Professor of Law etc.  Key participants for the consultation included C.S. Rama Lakshmi IFS (Retd), G.Uma, District President, AIDWA, Dr. B.Keerthi, Technical Support Manager, Vasavya Mahila Mandal, Vijayawada, Rama Devi, Specialist Gender, Women and Child Welfare Department, AP, Narra Srinivasa Rao, General Secretary, All India Lawyers Union, etc. All stakeholders contributed to meaningful discussions on the solutions to address challenges in Gender aspect in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 35 interventions were identified after a thorough review. The list of interventions is presented below.

  1. Promoting violence-free environment
  2. Addressing sex-selective abortion by imposing strict regulation on scanning centers
  3. Address barriers faced by women
  4. Addressing sexual harassment in workplaces by having a cell at Police Dept.
  5. Involve men in the movement against domestic abuse
  6. Self-defence training to be provided,
  7. Providing sanitary napkins at schools to encourage girls school attendance
  8. remove discrimination
  9. Innovative low-cost social interventions for improving nutrition of girls and women
  10. Gender sensitization workshops for police department officials
  11. Rescue/care homes for women
  12. Enhance educational outcomes for women and girls by prioritizing school retention and quality education for girls.
  13. Calculate cost of social trauma for women - psychological and physical abuse
  14. Training in martial arts should be given to women and girls
  15. Support public and private sector organizations to eliminate discrimination against women in their organizations.
  16. Promotion and education around girl child
  17. Installation of CC cameras and proper lighting at nights to ensure women’s safety
  18. Incorporate life skills training as part of the education curriculum
  19. inter-sectoral coordination to tackle child marriages
  20. Gender budgeting focus on dissemination of funds at panchayat level
  21. Provide women coordinators with legal knowledge at police stations to help in cases registered by women
  22. Improve financial literacy
  23. Capacity building of women PRI members on gender issues
  24. Introducing Tracking systems at village/grassroots level to identify and address trafficking of women and children
  25. Support women and girls to learn entrepreneurship vocation skills.
  26. Vocational education for women
  27. Promote community participation to address girls enrolment into schools
  28. Improve wages, working conditions, and safety 
  29. Supply Fortified foods at Anganwadis by local communities using innovative technology
  30. Equal access for women to basic transport and energy infrastructure can lead to increased economic activity by women.
  31. Political empowerment of women
  32. Increasing basket of choices with injectables and POPs
  33. Expand access to SRH and family planning
  34. Mahila mitra - social initiative
  35. Payments conditional on girls remaining unmarried

List of Participants