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Sector Expert Consultation on Health: Access to Healthcare , Maternal & Child Health

On 25th Oct 2017, the sector expert consultation on Health was held at Hotel Fortune Murali Park, Vijayawada. A total of 27 experts participated in the consultation.


The consultation included experts from Government agencies like Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (APVVP); Director of Health, GoAP; MEPMA; Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan;  Medical Officer, State Senior Coordinator for School Health; Indian Medical Association; Chairperson, Dean - Research and Research Officer from IIHMR University, Jaipur; Health Consultants from UNICEF; Senior faculty from Siddhartha Medical College; researchers from Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, and private sector stakeholders from hospitals including Ramesh Hospital etc.

Key participants included: Dr. Gupta  -Chairman, IIHMR University, Jaipur; Dr. Mangal, Dean - Research, IIHMR University Jaipur, Dr. Reddy, Joint Commissioner, APVVP; Dr. Geetha Prasadini, Addl. Director Non-Communicable Diseases, GoAP; Dr. MSC Bose, President Indian Medical Association; Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Red Cross Society, Vijayawada; Dr. Kumar, State Consultant – Nutrition, UNICEF; Professor Shreelata Rao Seshadri, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru etc. 

The Sector Expert Consultation on Access to Healthcare & Maternal and Child health came up with a list of 29 interventions based on an informed dialogue amongst the participants. The complete list can be found below.

Access to Healthcare & Maternal and Child Health

  1. Antenatal care, skilled birth attendants and institutional delivery expansion through Janani Suraksha Yojana
  2. Specific solutions for tribal areas (like access), rural areas and urban areas
  3. Controlling Anaemia for checking high MMR
  4. Open Defecation Free environment
  5. Inadequate manpower especially at CEMONC and BEMONC.
  6. Improve screening and Expand vaccination
  7. Encouraging and educating girls
  8. Inter-departmental coordination/convergence to improve the awareness
  9. Referral management missing in rural and tribal areas.
  10. Micro planning for areas where MMR is high.  (Available, Accessible, Affordable & Acceptable)
  11. Linkage between strengthening of adolescent health and maternal health
  12. Setting up of Special New-born Care Units (SNCUs)
  13. Data sets required for programme planning
  14. Continuous capacity building of medical staff  
  15. Improve health infrastructure (blood banks, ambulance networks, public health facilities) 
  16.  Monitoring Ante-Natal check-ups
  17. Empowering the role of Village Health and Sanitation Committees (VHSC) at Panchayats
  18. Emergency services just for MCH care
  19. Access to portable water 
  20. Institutionalized follow up mechanisms by doctors.
  21. Reducing the rates of C-Sections
  22. Changing behaviour of the people by increasing awareness
  23. Checking quackery/unqualified medical practitioners.
  24. Preventive medicine and Medical Care should be divided
  25. Expand health insurance (government run scheme to supplement ArogyaShri)
  26. Setting up of mobile medical units (MMUs) for basic primary health care and prevention and screening.
  27. Political commitment for encouraging institutional deliveries
  28. Sanitation of hospitals and health centres
  29. Providing spirulina to pregnant women

List of Participants