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Sector Expert Consultation on Urbanization

On 27th Sept 2017, the sector expert consultation on Urbanisation was held at Hotel DV Manor, Vijayawada. A total of  11 experts participated in the consultation.


The consultation included experts from Government agencies like Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC); Andhra Pradesh State Institute of Rural Development (APSIRD), Commissioner and District Management Authority (CDMA) bilateral agencies like UNDP; NGO’s working in the Urbanisation Sector like  Maruti Mahila Society (MMS);  Catholic Health Association of Andhra Pradesh (CHAAP), SEEDS and independent consultants working in this area in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Key participants included Mr. Nagendra Biyani, State Project officer, UNDP, Mr. A. Sattar from the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation; Ms. Madhuri from APSIRD and Mr. Roshanlal from SEEDS.

The experts came up with a list of 35 interventions for the Urbanization Sector in Andhra Pradesh. The list of interventions discussed in detail and proposed during the consultation is given below.

  1. Development of slums in a holistic manner to address housing, water, sanitation, health issues
  2. Solid and liquid waste management standardization in cities based on local context
  3. Strengthen administrative/institutional  and financial strength of ULBs
  4. Remediation of dumping yards based on segregated waste
  5. Improve Stakeholder participation to be more active and focused with IEC activities
  6. Convergence/integration of government depts. – should be brought under the  municipal administration body
  7. Design comprehensive strategy for urban planning with participation of stakeholders taking into account their preferences
  8. Protection of land in metro cities – maintain green spaces 
  9. Increase in urban health facilities – PPP model 
  10. Decentralization of health facilities with a wider spread so as to cover smaller towns
  11. Mainstreaming of BPL population in slums
  12. Modernization of urban drainage system
  13. Build capacity of ULBs
  14. Roof water harvesting technology awareness and building appropriate structures
  15. Provision of incinerators for public toilets used by women
  16. Smart cities expansion with local contextualization
  17. Develop PPPs for implementation of projects
  18. Chandigarh model –planned allocation of housing followed strictly
  19. Increased provision of toilets/mobile toilets facilities for public with signboards for easy identification
  20. .Increased availability of drinking water through “Street furniture scheme” (water ATMs)
  21. Effective traffic management using BCC activities for enforcers and citizens
  22. Awareness programs for minimized use of plastic
  23. Capacity building of waste collectors for proper segregation of collected waste
  24. Piped water and sewage
  25. Develop Satellite townships with critical infrastructure
  26. Increased availability of dustbins with segregation
  27. Integration of tenable slum areas into the entire city through master planning and provision of basic infrastructure and services to increase their land value
  28. .Empower women SHGs to lead from the front in tackling issues
  29. Tackle the issue of child labor
  30. Flag identified cyclone prone areas for faster rehabilitation
  31. Organized urban public transport especially in smaller towns
  32. Mortgage clause for any new construction in order for builders to follow laws
  33. 24x7 Water supply
  34. Long term planning for migratory population with social housing
  35. Financial literacy program to improve banking services

List of Participants